The first exercise took place in Rego Park in Queens at the Studio of Yvonne Shortt.

Yvonne works with local people and a number of interns and assistants at the Alderton House, which is partially converted into a multi-functional maker space. She showed the Tiny House, a project that resulted from a self-learning exercise: Power Tools for Women – a workshop on how to use different power tools such as a miter saw. From initially 10 women the project grew to 150 participants. To put their new skills to test the group decided to build a tiny mobile wooden house. It is now ready, and temporarily used as a zen garden and tea house.

Yvonne hosts a daily Call-to-Tea performance, which YKON was glad to be able to take part. But before the tea ceremony came a brief but successful power tool session followed by a meditative painting session. She explained also about her interest in latest technologies such as VR experiences or 3-D printing. There is not the slightest doubt that Alderton house – with all the buzzing activities related to Rego Park – is a great example of a practical utopia, right in the middle of Queens. Check out the full range of activities at the RPGA Studio.

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